I Used to Blog

Once upon a time, I was a blogging machine. Seriously.

I started my first blog my freshman year of college, and wrote several posts a week – four or five a day near the end. And then it all ended.

I was at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving my senior year, and wrote a particularly long post. I was on their computer, using Internet Explorer, and somehow clicked out of the text window. I hit the Backspace key… the browser registered this as a “back” browser. In those days, Blogger had no autosave, so when I returned to the blog post window, I found myself without the post I had written.

In frustration, I swore off blogging. Naturally, I relented on this years later, but by this point, I was a college graduate, working full time, and out of practice when it came to writing.  The reason my first blog was so good is that I wrote constantly, whether my posts were good or not… and eventually, they became pretty good.

Unfortunately, the failure to return to that perceived quality is a constant discouragement. I am now impossible to please with my own writing. I want every post to be amazing. No post ever is. What I need to learn is that that’s okay. Some of my favorite blogs have posts I just skip because they don’t interest me.

It doesn’t matter this time. I’m writing to write now. If there are good posts, great.  If not… at least I’m writing again.


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