NaNoWriMo 2012!

It looks like I’m writing, but this is actually a picture of me cartooning.

First off, though I haven’t blogged in a few days, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. In fact, I’ve dived (diven? doven? who knows?) head first into National Novel Writing Month for I think the fourth time. But those first three times, I never took it seriously and didn’t have any actual story ideas to write. So I ended up with a 1200-word stream of consciousness the first day, and never took it any further. This year, I actually had a story. I came up with it a year and a half ago, envisioned as a screenplay, but later realized ways in which it would work better as a novel.

Am I ever going to show it to anyone? Probably.

Am I going to show it to everyone I know? Probably not, unless it goes through some serious edits first. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with it. The point of NaNoWriMo isn’t to be come a published author, it’s to write. If I like what I come up with, I’ll consider it a first draft and edit it. If I don’t, I’ll scrap it.

Another option is to hold onto it until April and then adapt it as a stage play for Script Frenzy. Unlike my novel writing talents (which I have no faith in), I feel that I could do something with a script, even if it’s just have it produced by a community theatre company somewhere.

But all that is up in the air. The point is, I’m writing fiction. I know it’s only Day 3, but I’ve pumped out 500 words more than my personal goal, which is about 350-a-day more than NaNoWriMo’s suggested goal. So I feel kind of accomplished right now.

If you want to follow along with my progress, here’s my personal NaNoWriMo Author Page, and here’s the page for my novel, Prayer for Death.

Housekeeping Notes

Winners of the Chips and Salsa contest will be announced this week, and I’ll publish the drawings here. Spoiler Alert: It’s a five-way tie, between the five people who actually responded.

I will continue to blog, but the blogging may be “personal project status update heavy” for the next month or month and a half. Between marathon training and novel writing, that’s where my brain dwells for the time being.


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