Some Novel Music 2: Playlist Links

So, like I wrote the other day, I’m trying to listen to music that captures the emotions of the characters I’m writing. For that, I put together 4 Spotify playlists.

Josh’s List: Emotional High Energy
Scott’s List: Angry
Cara’s List: Wistful
Kurt’s List: Inspirational Religious Music

Word count is over 13.6K, so I guess I’m doing well.

I ended up changing Scott’s occupation from architect to journalist, but that doesn’t require rewriting more than a sentence, as his job has only been a setting so far and not a plot point. It will be a plot point later, though, which is why I changed it.

Kurt is increasingly both hard and easy to write, as I can very easily use the kind of religious lingo that would dominate his inner monologue, but I also have to resist the urge to define the logical rebuttals to his thought process.


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