Writing Through a Block

I was mentally and emotionally drained today. Last-minute “must be done today” project at work that I didn’t find out about until I came in this morning. I finished it, I’m proud to say, and I think I did a decent job.

But the drain was almost enough to make me take a “no writing” break for the day. I’m 5,000 words ahead of the goal, so that wouldn’t put me behind. But I pulled out the laptop and started writing anyway, and guess what? It came more easily.

That could be because I was writing a fairly simple Scott chapter, one that I’ve had in my head for a few days but didn’t want to get ahead of myself. I’ve spent the last three days on a more difficult Cara chapter that was important for story reasons, but hard to write accurately.

Anyway, I guess it’s not that I had writer’s block… it’s that I lacked motivation. But the way to push through that lack of motivation was just to write. And guess what? It worked!


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