Annnd Done

Finished early. I planned to be done tomorrow night, but I was really on a roll with my writing tonight, so I just pressed on.

So yes, I’m officially a NaNoWriMo winner, for the first time ever. It feels great.

For those of you who are writing in OpenOffice, I HIGHLY recommend using the wordcount validator early, because you WILL end up with a lower wordcount than what OO gives you. Mine was about 800 lower.

What now?

Probably never ever publishing this. But I want to fix it anyway. I’m letting a few friends read it.

First edit cycle (before sending it to the people who want to read it): Change Scott’s occupation in Part 1 to fit the occupation he has in the rest of the book. Also, change Mike’s death date, and Cara’s hometown. I wrote super-fast in the beginning and forgot how I’d even established those.

Second edit cycle: I want to elaborate on Cara’s work-based storyline. Also, I need to flesh out the characters of Emily, Cameron, Jennifer, and Rick.  Need to introduce Phillip earlier in the story (Rick too, probably). And there was this one scene between Kurt and Bobby that I wanted to include, but another scene took its place and I think the other one was better.

Other random things I think to myself: Does Scott not have any friends? I don’t seem to have given him any of his own. Cara has hers, Kurt has his… where are Scott’s?

Where are all those blog posts I was going to include? There are only like, five in the whole book.

Anyway, I’m happy to be a successful WriMo for once in my life.


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