While I’m Temporarily Motivated…

Nope, it probably won’t last, but I feel like I’m actually motivated today. I have a great idea for where I’m going on a site for a client, I really enjoyed finishing up the Holiday Bingo application, and I’m doing well on my work at my 9-5 job.

So even though it’s a few months away, while I’m still temporarily motivated, I’ve decided it’s time to write some New Year’s resolutions. Some of them may make sense, some of them may seem like they come out of left field.

  1. Renovate the bedrooms in my house.
  2. Perform a stand-up comedy routine.
  3. Perform original music in some degree or another.
  4. Rewrite my novel.
  5. Adapt my novel as a stage play.
  6. Arrange to have it performed.
  7. Use some of my 240+ hours of unused vacation time and actually GO somewhere. (I haven’t been on a vacation since August 2011).
  8. Redesign the site.
  9. Write guest posts where possible.

Um, that may be all. Except for a couple of secret ones.


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