January Animation Month Day 8 – Spider

Back to GIFs for the day… having issues with the software, and I was working on some freelance so I didn’t have time to work through them. (may have to click to see the animation)



January Animation Month Day 7: Pac-Mushroom

Okay, I really like this one…

January Animation Month Day 6: Little Blue Dude

January Animation Month Day 4: New Software

This is kind of cheating… but I’m still learning the new software.

But I watched an awesome tutorial… so by early next week I should have a real animation to show.

January Animation Month Day 3: Until the Phoenix Rises, I Stand Still

I don’t intend for them to make me think of songs… but they always seem to. Case in point.


January Animation Month Day 2: ‘Cuz Really I’m a Psycho…

Day 2… It’s a lot of fun to watch if you listen to this song.


January Animation Month Day 1: Pissing 2012 Away

Day one  of January Animation Month


I have to get a better GIF animator with some optimization options… this is a whopping 1.6 megs.

Bloody Mary

“If we stay here long enough,
We can play with Bloody Mary
Say her name into the dark,
Activate our nerve endings…”

Silversun Pickups

Concept sketches:


Initial sketches on canvas:


Filling in color:


Coloring / Inking Bloody Mary:


Coloring / Inking / Shading Kids:


Mirror Frame:


Foreground Kids:




Shading Foreground Kids:


Final Product:

My Adventures in Reddit

It seems that a couple of days after I privately made the decision to quit pretending to be a cartoonist once and for all, I received my first artificial “big break”. I received a message from a Facebook friend saying “isn’t this one of yours?” It seems I made the front page of /r/funny on Reddit. Except I didn’t really.

My comic “Homonyms“, which I published on my now-defunct first webcomic Mister Woodles in August of 2010, had been reposted to Imgur… with the copyright information cut off.

First off, I don’t really care about the rehosting. It happens, sometimes certain sites are blocked for some users, and I never generated ad revenue from Woodles anyway, so I didn’t miss out on financial gain.

Cropping out the copyright info, though… that takes effort. And it does kind of piss me off. I get it if someone didn’t want to be sued, but that’s not the reason I stuck a copyright stamp on my comics. I stuck it there so people who saw my comics if they were reposted would know where to come back to see more. I mean… I’ve never thought that particular comic was very funny. It’s a simple pun, and it was also the first one I did with entirely hand-drawn art (pre-coloring).

Going through the comments on the Reddit post, there seemed to be three major threads: People who thought the art style sucked, and fat people who got their feelings hurt, and people who turned the insult around on a sandwich shop employee.

To the ones who thought the art style sucked: I know. I don’t care. I started drawing cartoons to get better, and there’s no “minimum talent limit” on who can post pictures to the internet.

To the fat people who got their feelings hurt: I was fat when I drew that.

To the people who insult service-industry employees: Get over yourselves. Some people work in the service industry, especially in high school and college. (I don’t, and haven’t in years, but some people do).

A final thought… the trend on Reddit is to rag on 9gag for “Stealing content”. But two years ago, this comic showed up on 9gag and the copyright info was left intact. On Reddit, though, it was removed.