Things that Sometimes Happen when you Run

I never ran track and field (my fake high school didn’t have a track team, and it never interested me). I started running as part of a weight loss program, about four years ago.

I ran a couple of charity 5Ks in the fall of 2008. I’ve done a few more since, even though I’m never concerned with my place (or even my time). Signing up for events gives me a reason to run, though.

This year, I’ve signed up for the Rocket City Marathon in December. So I’ve been training four times a week. Here are some things I’ve noticed.

Sometimes you have to wear sunscreen all over your torso, in case the nipple chafe makes shirt removal a necessity.

Sometimes your cat won’t leave you alone while you’re stretching.

Sometimes you get very far away from your house or office, and suddenly you have to take a shit.

Sometimes you try to drink from one of the water cups the volunteers hand you, and you choke on it because you tried to drink while running.

Sometimes you think “this was easy” for the first half of your run, then you turn around and discover the second half is uphill and against the wind.

Sometimes sidewalks are uneven in the dark.

Sometimes Google Maps doesn’t tell you that a road is fenced off at certain times of night, so you have to improvise a new route.

Sometimes you have to stop drinking wine because it makes it harder to wake up for a run.

Sometimes you have to start drinking more and more coffee, because you’ve been up since your 4 a.m. run.

Sometimes other people tell you to shut up about running.

Sometimes you compare your pace to other people’s, and it makes you want to give up altogether.

Sometimes, though, you have to ignore that, and just keep running.