Does that mean I’m actually going to start updating again?



Some Search Terms for 2012

I’ve been keeping this current blog since September. In that time, there have been a few search terms that brought people to my site. I don’t have a lot of hits… I need to work on that. But the search terms have been fun.

three hole punch jim
Not surprising, as I did post about Jim Halpert’s Halloween costumes.

george soros snopes funding
It seems that other people received that same forwarded e-mail that I received about George Soros funding Snopes. So I’m kind of proud of myself for the post I wrote in response to that accusation.

acapella sucks
That’s not the point of the post I wrote… I don’t think all a capella sucks. But I’m glad people found my blog.

channing tatum backwards hat
What is this? How did this land someone here? This is confusing.

hot male facebook profile pics
Thanks, I appreciate it.

Happy New Year everybody.

On Writing

Do I even have anything to say?

When I was a blogging machine, I sure did. A lot of it was petty, and sometimes even involved making animated GIFs of violent acts performed on annoying Quizno’s customers. Or scripting hypothetical conversations between Coca-Cola employees. Or arguing back and forth, back and forth. But these days… what is there?

Honestly, I can’t say. It’s not that I’m not passionate about anything. I read a lot (a lot) of news and news-related blogs, and I have lots of opinions on the news, but I also find many thoughts better-expressed elsewhere. Right now, for example, we are hearing about the US Ambassador to Libya being killed in a riot, which was in response to a viral video. I have a lot of thoughts, and a lot of feelings on this — and there are about a hundred other bloggers with the same feelings and opinions who will write them faster and better than I will. So why bother?

I could always repost quotes from better blogs and then add one or two extra sentences. But then I’d be no better than the Huffington Post. (Not true, I still wouldn’t be making advertising revenue).

There are other things too. I have opinions on same-sex marriage and the Chick-fil-a issue, but that’s not timely anymore. I have a great series on web design that I want to write. But does anyone care? I could also delve into my de-conversion, but that would be a long series and I just don’t think i’m ready to deal with the comment wars there yet.

As we can see, four posts in, I’m already concerned with what people think instead of just writing. So I’m sticking with my initial plan: write a post a day (at least). Whatever it’s about, whether it’s good or not. Just write it.

And dammit, I need to write something funny again.

I Used to Blog

Once upon a time, I was a blogging machine. Seriously.

I started my first blog my freshman year of college, and wrote several posts a week – four or five a day near the end. And then it all ended.

I was at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving my senior year, and wrote a particularly long post. I was on their computer, using Internet Explorer, and somehow clicked out of the text window. I hit the Backspace key… the browser registered this as a “back” browser. In those days, Blogger had no autosave, so when I returned to the blog post window, I found myself without the post I had written.

In frustration, I swore off blogging. Naturally, I relented on this years later, but by this point, I was a college graduate, working full time, and out of practice when it came to writing.  The reason my first blog was so good is that I wrote constantly, whether my posts were good or not… and eventually, they became pretty good.

Unfortunately, the failure to return to that perceived quality is a constant discouragement. I am now impossible to please with my own writing. I want every post to be amazing. No post ever is. What I need to learn is that that’s okay. Some of my favorite blogs have posts I just skip because they don’t interest me.

It doesn’t matter this time. I’m writing to write now. If there are good posts, great.  If not… at least I’m writing again.