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January Animation Month Day 8 – Spider

Back to GIFs for the day… having issues with the software, and I was working on some freelance so I didn’t have time to work through them. (may have to click to see the animation)



January Animation Month Day 7: Pac-Mushroom

Okay, I really like this one…

January Animation Month Day 6: Little Blue Dude

January Animation Month Day 4: New Software

This is kind of cheating… but I’m still learning the new software.

But I watched an awesome tutorial… so by early next week I should have a real animation to show.

January Animation Month Day 3: Until the Phoenix Rises, I Stand Still

I don’t intend for them to make me think of songs… but they always seem to. Case in point.


January Animation Month Day 2: ‘Cuz Really I’m a Psycho…

Day 2… It’s a lot of fun to watch if you listen to this song.


January Animation Month Day 1: Pissing 2012 Away

Day one  of January Animation Month


I have to get a better GIF animator with some optimization options… this is a whopping 1.6 megs.

Some Search Terms for 2012

I’ve been keeping this current blog since September. In that time, there have been a few search terms that brought people to my site. I don’t have a lot of hits… I need to work on that. But the search terms have been fun.

three hole punch jim
Not surprising, as I did post about Jim Halpert’s Halloween costumes.

george soros snopes funding
It seems that other people received that same forwarded e-mail that I received about George Soros funding Snopes. So I’m kind of proud of myself for the post I wrote in response to that accusation.

acapella sucks
That’s not the point of the post I wrote… I don’t think all a capella sucks. But I’m glad people found my blog.

channing tatum backwards hat
What is this? How did this land someone here? This is confusing.

hot male facebook profile pics
Thanks, I appreciate it.

Happy New Year everybody.